UCSF Weill Awards

Established in 2016, the UCSF Weill Awards support high-risk, high-reward research with the potential to transform the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Driving Discoveries of the Mind

Meet five of the outstanding men and women recognized with the UCSF Weill Award and find out how their work could revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety, memory loss, addiction, and more.

All Projects

Joseph DeRisi, PhD; Samuel Pleasure, MD, PhD; and Michael Wilson, MD
Susanna Rosi, PhD; and Peter Walter, PhD
John Boscardin, PhD; Andrew Charles, MD; Steve Cummings, MD; and Amy Gelfand, MD
Riley Bove, MD; Kate Rankin, PhD; and Stephan Sanders, BMBS, PhD
Arnold Kriegstein, MD, PhD; and Yin Shen, PhD
Daniel Lim, MD, PhD; and Geoffrey Manley, MD, PhD
Nevan Krogan, PhD; Brian Shoichet, PhD; and Mark von Zastrow, MD, PhD