Weill Institute for Neurosciences Translational Research Unit (WIN TRU)

The UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences Translational Research Unit (WIN TRU) is an outpatient research unit located on the third floor of the Weill Neurosciences Building on the Mission Bay Campus. The unit is designed to support human clinical and translational research for neuroscience faculty residing in the Weill Neurosciences Building and greater UCSF neuroscience community. The unit is especially designed to support technology-based research approaches with the goal of improving our understanding of the pathophysiology of neurological and psychiatric conditions and drive innovation to discover treatments to help restore and preserve neurological function. Examples of appropriate research include human studies involving brain machine/computer interface (BMI), deep brain stimulation (DBS), augmented reality, motion analysis, digital health, and interventional clinical trials.

The WIN TRU opened in a pilot phase in the summer of 2021. Available resources include exam, consult rooms, and neurophysiology testing rooms. Future development is planned for a Motion Capture Lab, and additional services may be added over time as we assess the needs of the community.



The WIN TRU is located on the 3rd floor of the Joan and Sanford I. Weill Neurosciences Building at the Mission Bay Campus.

1651 4th Street, Suite 340
San Francisco, CA, 94158


Jill Ostrem, MD

Kristen Fox, RN, MS

Applying to use the WIN TRU

Study teams interested in utilizing the WIN TRU will submit an application via RedCap. The WIN TRU Director, Nurse Manager, and Operations Committee review applications to ensure study procedures are appropriate to carry out in this setting and that the WIN TRU has resources available to support study needs.

While approval can generally be granted within a few weeks, it’s recommended that a WIN TRU RedCap application be submitted as early as possible to ensure that study staff can complete orientation and study logistics can be discussed. For new studies, submit the WIN TRU application once the IRB application has been submitted. For ongoing studies, submit when it’s determined that WIN TRU resources are needed.

One RedCap application should be completed for each study with its own IRB Approval.

Space Overview

Exam Rooms

Exam rooms are equipped with exam beds, vital signs monitors, basic clinical supplies & linens. Rooms can be used for exams, procedures, and other protocol-specific activities.

Consult Rooms

Consult rooms are equipped with a table, chairs, and white board. Rooms can be used for consenting, cognitive testing, questionnaires, and other non-invasive study activities.

Neurophysiology Lab Rooms

Neurophysiology Lab Rooms are non-furnished rooms available for investigators who need a space to house specialized non-mobile study equipment. There are four Neurophysiology Lab Rooms built around a central Control Room that can be used to monitor study experiments.

Motion Analysis Lab

The Motion Analysis Lab is under development.


Recharge rates are established through UCSF Budget and Resource Management. Usage of any WIN TRU room type is $37/hour.

Training and Orientation

Study staff will complete a WIN TRU orientation and unit tour prior to using the unit. Information covered includes emergency equipment, safety policies, infection control, room scheduling, the participant experience, and unit access and layout.

Contact Information

Kristen Fox, RN, MS
Nurse Manager WIN TRU
Email: [email protected]