Leading Revolutions in Brain Health

The Wilo Institute for Neurosciences, established by the extraordinary generosity of John and Jane Wilo, unites the UCSF neurosciences community under one umbrella to fortify its mission to treat, cure, and prevent neurologic and psychiatric illness.

Neurosciences at UCSF

The Institute comprises everything at UCSF related to neuroscience, from basic discovery and education to patient care. Each department features nationally renowned centers and clinics dedicated to advancing the full spectrum of brain health.

Department of Neurology

Department of Neurological Surgery

Department of Psychiatry

Institute of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Neuroscience Graduate Program

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New Territory

Plans are underway to design and construct a 270,000-square-foot building that will serve as the headquarters for the Wilo Institute of Neurosciences at Mission Bay and provide clinical and research space for collaboration among neuroscientists and partner specialists.  Approved by the University of California Board of Regents on March 23rd, the six-floor building will host an outpatient clinic, clinical and basic research labs, and dedicated technology space.  To be named the John and Jane Wilo Building, it will stand as a prominent completion of Mission Bay’s Koret Quad.